MIcroelectronics RELiability driven by Artificial Intelligence

MIRELAI is the first European Industrial Doctorate Programme that trains the next generation of engineers for the next generation of reliable microelectronics, more precisely electronic components and systems (ECS).

MIRELAI focuses on the research and training of 13 doctoral candidates (DCs) in ECS reliability to investigate the physics of degradation to allow for repair of ECS and reduce testing and verification efforts.

Electronic system


The MIRELAI network will pave the way for sustainable, repairable and energy efficient electronic system designs and resource-friendly smart electronics applications.


The primary goal for MIRELAI is to train cross-discipline experts who will introduce a new level of efficiency into the development of innovative and reliable microelectronic systems within a European value chain.


MIRELAI kicks-off online

On the 13th of October, the whole consortium consisting of 21 partners, came together virtually for the official MIRELAI (MIcroelectronics RELiability driven by Artificial Intelligence)

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