The MIRELAI 1st Annual Meeting at TU Delft: Advancing Microelectronics through AI

The MIRELAI project is gearing up for its first annual meeting set to take place in Delft, the Netherlands, from the 11th to the 14th of September. Organised by TU Delft, in collaboration with accelopment and the Polymer Competence Centre Leoben, it will see the participation of all project partners and their respective Doctoral Candidates (DCs), who will join in a MIRELAI network meeting for the very first time. The four-day meeting has been designed to serve multiple objectives:
  • Introducing the MIRELAI project: Partners will offer a detailed overview of the MIRELAI project, discussing its objectives and ambitious goal to transform the microelectronics industry. A workshop aimed at DCs will also emphasise the connections between various individual research projects
  • Introducing the DCs and their research: Each DC has been assigned a time slot to introduce themselves and provide insights into their scientific background and research project within MIRELAI.
  • Understanding EU-funded projects and requirements: All participants will be briefed on the EU’s project requirements. They will gain insights on successful project implementation, with an emphasis on project management, Open Science, and mastering science communication best practices.
  • Focusing on reliability: A lecture from Willem van Driel (TU Delft), featuring contributions from Romuald Roucou (NXP) and Rene Poelma (Nexperia), will explore the subject of microelectronics reliability, underscoring its significance in the broader context.
  • EKL lab tour: An exclusive guided tour of the Else Kooi Lab (EKL) in Delft will offer attendees a firsthand experience of advanced research and innovation in the field of microelectronics.
  • Networking and collaboration: Through a series of social activities, the event seeks to provide an informal platform for DCs to interact, fostering collaboration and teamwork.
  • The first annual meeting of MIRELAI promises to be a significant milestone in the project’s journey. As Europe aspires to assert its leadership in sustainable and reliable microelectronics through innovative applications of artificial intelligence, this meeting stands as proof of its commitment. We anticipate this event to be enlightening and instrumental in shaping the trajectory of the MIRELAI microelectronics research and development in the coming years.