MIRELAI is the first European Industrial Doctorate Programme that trains the next generation of engineers for the next generation of reliable microelectronics, more precisely electronic components and systems (ECS).

MIRELAI focuses on the research and training of 13 doctoral candidates (DCs) in ECS reliability to investigate the physics of degradation to allow for repair of ECS and reduce testing and verification efforts.

Project kick off

  • Project overview and work planning
  • Recruitment strategy and coordination of DC position advertising
  • Communication strategy and DC engagement plan


Read MoreOctober 2022

MIRELAI 1st annual meeting

  • Introduction to DC projects
  • Microelectronics reliability
  • Semiconductors & packages
  • Science Communication training (online)


Read MoreSeptember 2023

Machine learning workshop

  • Different types of machine learning
  • Which form of machine learning best fits your project?
  • Efficient use of different network architectures and the use of metrics to quantify the quality of the results.


Read MoreMarch 2024

MIRELAI 2nd annual meeting

  • Progress of DC projects
  • Non-organic materials & polymers in microelectronics
  • PCBs & optical sensor packages
  • Transferable skills
June 2024

Quality management and product qualifications

  • Introduction to classic Six Sigma methods
  • Extension of quality management from production to development
  • Electronic product certification and compliance requirements
  • Industry implementation experience reviews
September 2024

MIRELAI 3rd annual meeting

  • Progress of DC projects
  • Electronic system simulation
  • Electronic assembling
  • Transferable skills
April 2025

EUROSIME Conference 2026 – Special MIRELAI session ‘Microelectronics Reliability’

  • Final project event
  • Implementation of a MIRELAI special session
  • Abstract, full paper and presentation of the DC project results
April 2026