Fredy John Porathur

DC3 – Optical package reliability assessment based on metamodels

About Fredy

After working as an engineer in the ECS field, Fredy John Porathur realised that the practical work during the testing and verification phase was both time-consuming and inefficient. He remained uncertain about a product’s performance until it was built and tested. Typically, reliability tests were strenuous and lengthy. What if one could create a model that predicted outcomes from the outset, eliminating unnecessary efforts? MIRELAI was a distinctive project targeting this challenge, grounded in a physics of degradation-informed machine-learning approach. This project melded theoretical research with hands-on industry experience. This was precisely why Fredy John Porathur was so passionate about joining the MIRELAI network and he eagerly anticipated contributing to its endeavours.

A word from Fredy

“The ‘Optical package reliability assessment based on metamodels’ will serve for the development of an accelerating tool in the product development phase of optical packages. The opportunity to get expertise in Artificial intelligence and Machine learning will be a great boost to my future career and make my skills future-proof.”

DC3 – Fredy John Porathur