Matteo Depaola

DC7 – Real-time monitoring of the remaining useful life of an electronic system based on digital twin concepts

About Matteo

From a young age, tech has always fascinated Matteo Depaola. After finishing high school, he pursued a degree in Computer and Automation Engineering at Politecnico di Bari, graduating in September 2020. However, drawn by the mathematics involved, he found himself more captivated by automation. This led him to enrol in the Automation and Control Engineering master’s programme at Politecnico di Milano, from which he graduated in May 2023.

Matteo does not harbour a specific interest, but he has a broad passion for the Control field. He opts to delve into studies that either intrigue him due to their complexity or charm him from an engineering perspective. A testament to this is his master’s thesis, which centred on the development of a model for simulating a cognitive process using an adaptation of the Kalman Filter. The success of this thesis paved the way for an internship opportunity at Politecnico di Milano, allowing him to pen a scientific paper about the cognitive model he developeed.

A word from Matteo

“MIRELAI is for me an opportunity to both become an expert in microelectronics and contribute to increasing the industrial efficiency in producing electronic devices by reducing electronic waste and development time.

I have always been intrigued by engineering and this project give me the chance to put all my knowledge acquired with my degrees to try to reach a complex goal which will presumably have a positive impact on our lives from the economic, technological, scientific and social points of view.

The project will give me the awesome opportunity to establish a broad network of experts to further increase my expertise. This in turn will entail visiting some of the most known European countries and meet with their cultures in addition to the MIRELAI participants.

Thanks to MIRELAI, I feel like a dream career is waiting for me, and I expect one day to be surprised of myself for the expertise and the clarity I will have earned in treating the topics of this project.”

Matteo Depaola – DC7