Muhammad Musadiq

DC6 – Reliability of IC packages under small loading conditions

About Muhammad

Muhammad Musadiq completed his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology in Pakistan. He then went on to achieve a master’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Middle East Technical University in Turkey in 2022. His master’s thesis keenly focused on enhancing the reliability of DC Power Converters in Renewable Energy systems. During his time in the master’s programme, Muhammad served as a graduate teaching assistant in the Physics and Electrical department. After completing his master’s, he took on the role of a Lecturer at Ziauddin University’s Faculty of Engineering Science, Technology, and Management. His diverse experience also includes a stint as a Research Assistant in the EDCAS research group. There, he was actively involved in testing two ICs designed for Vaccine Monitoring and Ultra-Low-Power-Standard Cells, an initiative of the EDCAS research group. In July 2023, he embarked on a new journey with TU Delft, joining as a Ph.D. candidate in the Electronics Components Technology and Materials (ECTM) group within the Department of Microelectronics. Presently, Muhammad is immersed in a collaborative project between TUD and NXP, focusing on the development of technology that enhances the reliability of IC packages, aiming to usher in advancements for the next generation in the electronics sector.

A word from Muhammad

“I am thrilled to join the MIERLAI Network, the first Industrial Doctorate Programme that brings together experts from academia and industry. This program focuses on researching reliable microelectronics, specifically electronic components and systems, on a single platform. By combining the expertise of both sectors, we can address issues related to the reliability of microelectronics more effectively. In today’s world, where we heavily rely on electronics for communication, work, healthcare, and more, it is crucial to develop components and systems that can withstand various challenges. I am excited to contribute to the creation of trustworthy technology that performs consistently, even in demanding conditions”

Muhammad Musadiq  – DC6