Dr. Onur Atak

3D Simulation


Onur Atak is currently Research Engineering Manager at Siemens Industry Software. He received his MSc degree in 2009 from the Sound and Vibration Masters programme at Chalmers University of Technology and his PhD degree from KU Leuven in 2014, where he worked on Wave Based Modeling Methods for acoustic inclusion and multiple scattering problems in the mid-frequency range. His PhD was majorly funded by the EU FP7 Marie Curie ITN project “Mid-Frequency”, where he held an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) position. After finishing his PhD, he joined the 3D Simulation RTD team at Siemens Industry Software NV. Onur has authored over 15 peer-reviewed publications. He has been the scientist-in-charge for various EU Marie-Curie ITN and Flemish VLAIO projects (Acoutect, Batwoman, Heavens, M3NVH, Tire NVH …). His research interests are Boundary Element and Finite Element Methods, high order and adaptive methods, Model Order Reduction, Executable Digital Twins, Kalman Filtering and Virtual Sensing, among others.

Selected Publications
  • van Ophem, S., Forrier, B., Bizzarri, D., Atak, O., de Miguel, A.G., Elkafafy, M., Dal Borgo, M., Tamarozzi, T., Alvarez Blanco, M., Janssens, K. and Pluymers, B., 2022. Physics-based virtual acoustic sensing for enhanced direct field acoustic excitation testing. Proceedings of ISMA/USD 2022.
  • Bizzarri, D., Atak, O., van Ophem, S., Bériot, H., Tamarozzi, T., Jiranek, P., Scurria, L., Garcia de Miguel, A., Alvarez Blanco, M., Janssens, K. and Desmet, W., 2022. Model Order Reduction and Smart Virtual Sensing for Unbounded Vibro-Acoustics Using High Order FEM and Infinite Elements. Proceedings of ISMA/USD 2022.
  • van Ophem, S., Atak, O., Deckers, E. and Desmet, W., 2017. Stable model order reduction for time-domain exterior vibroacoustic finite element simulations. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 325, pp.240-264.
  • Li, Y., Atak, O., Jonckheere, S. and Desmet, W., 2022. Accelerating boundary element methods in wideband frequency sweep analysis by matrix-free model order reduction. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 541, p.117323.
  • Atak, O, Li, Y., Hamiche, K., Beriot, H., Desmet, W., 2022. BEMAO: A novel adaptive and high-order BEM solver for steady-state acoustics – part 1: Theory Proceedings of ISMA/USD 2022.
  • Hamiche, K, Atak, O,  Li, Y., Beriot, H., Desmet, W., 2022. BEMAO: A novel adaptive and high-order BEM solver for steady-state acoustics – part 2: Applications Proceedings of ISMA/USD 2022.

Dr. Onur Atak


Co-supervisor of DC7 and DC8