Qiulin YU

DC2 – Global criticality assessment based on feature surrogates

About Qiulin

Qiulin earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Material Science from the University of Stuttgart, Germany, in 2018, with a specialisation in electrochemistry for Li-ion battery materials. Following this, in 2019, she pursued a Master’s in Material Science at the same university, where her focus was on conductive polymers. Subsequently, from 2020 to 2023, she served as an R&D engineer at AT&S CQ, primarily overseeing customer projects in the IC substrate domain

A word from Qiulin

“After working as an engineer in the ECS field, I realised that the practical work during the testing and verification phase is both time-consuming and inefficient. We remain uncertain about a product’s performance until it is built and tested. Typically, reliability tests are strenuous and lengthy. What if we could create a model that predicts outcomes from the outset, eliminating unnecessary efforts? MIRELAI is a distinctive project targeting this challenge, grounded in a physics of degradation-informed machine-learning approach. This project melds theoretical research with hands-on industry experience. This is precisely why I’m so passionate about joining the MIRELAI network and eagerly anticipate contributing to its endeavours.”

DC2 – Qiulin YU