Prof. Stefano Mariani

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Head/Coordinator of the PhD program in Structural, Seismic and Geotechnical Engineering
Member of the Scientific Committee of Polifab, the micro and nanotechnology center of the Politecnico di Milano


Stefano Mariani is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of Politecnico di Milano. He received his MSc degree with Honours in Civil (Structural) Engineering in 1995, and his Ph.D. in Structural Engineering in 1999, both at the Politecnico di Milano.
His research interests include reliability analysis of MEMS, micromechanics of composite materials, machine and deep learning tools for health monitoring, optimal placement of sensing systems, Kalman and particle filtering. He has co-authored around 100 peer-reviewed journal publications and one book on the Mechanics of microsystems.

Selected Publications
  • J.P. Quesada Molina, S. Mariani. Hybrid model-based and data-driven solution for uncertainty quantification at the microscale. Micro and Nanosystems, 14, pp. 281-286, 2022.
  • S. Mariani, J.P. Quesada Molina. A two-scale multi-physics deep learning model for smart MEMS sensors. Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, 9, pp. 41-52, 2021.
  • L. Rosafalco, A. Manzoni, S. Mariani, A. Corigliano. An autoencoder-based deep learning approach for load identification in structural dynamics. Sensors, 21, 4207, 2021.
  • Entezami, H. Sarmadi, B. Behkamal, S. Mariani. Big Data analytics and structural health monitoring: a statistical pattern recognition-based approach. Sensors, 20, 2328, 2020.
  • Ghisi, S. Mariani. Effect of imperfections due to material heterogeneity on the offset of polysilicon MEMS structures. Sensors, 19, 3256, 2019.
  • M. Bagherinia, S. Mariani. Stochastic effects on the dynamics of the resonant structure of a Lorentz force MEMS magnetometer. Actuators, 8, 36, 2019.
  • S. Mariani, A. Ghisi, R. Mirzazadeh, S. Eftekhar Azam. On-Chip testing: a miniaturized lab to assess sub-micron uncertainties in polysilicon MEMS. Micro and Nanosystems, 10, pp. 84-93, 2018.

Prof. Stefano Mariani


WP4 co-leader, supervisor of DC12 and DC13