Syed Hassaan Abdullah

DC9 – Virtual electro-thermal failure prediction for automotive power modules on PCB

About Hassaan

Guided by a desire to continuously learn, Hassaan Abdullah delved into the realm of mechanics, culminating in the completion of his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from a college affiliated with Osmania University in 2018. The historic city of Hyderabad had been his home for a little over a quarter of a century. However, his longing to expand the horizons of his thinking led him to the southern Alps in Austria. There, he completed his master’s in Systems Design (with a specialisation in Mechatronics) in March of 2023, from Fachhochschule Kärnten in Villach. As a master’s student, Hassaan got the opportunity to undertake his master thesis at Silicon Austria Labs (SAL), which introduced him to the field of numerical modelling. As he delved deeper into his thesis work at SAL, it became clear that this realm of numerical modelling aligned with his research aspirations.

While his weekdays primarily revolve around his research goals, Hassaan’s passions and interests extend far beyond academia. Among them, Islamic literature holds a special place in his heart. He possesses a profound curiosity for theology, philosophy, poetry, history, and politics, all of which fuel his intellectual pursuits.

A word from Hassaan

“In microelectronics, a tapestry divine,
Electric circuits woven in every line;
MIRELAI beckons me to tread a path,
As threads of reliability face a stymie wrath.

With nimble fingers, numerical models I shall mould,
In the dance of electrons, where secrets unfold;
For my journey is to decode the hidden strains,
Predicting failures, a symphony to sustain.”

Hassaan Abdullah – DC9