Zihan Zhang

DC5 – Physics-informed machine learning for simulations of semiconductor devices

About Zihan

Zihan completed his bachelor’s degree in engineering Mechanics, at Southwest Jiaotong University, China. He earned a master’s degree in aerospace dynamics from Cranfield University in United Kingdom. Zihan works in multiple areas, including elastic and plastic mechanics, thermodynamics, computational mechanics, and aerodynamics. Zihan’s master’s thesis project was to design a skewed wind tunnel based on computational fluid dynamics, and his bachelor’s thesis project was about the application of the vortex lattice method to subsonic wing lift calculation based on Matlab programming. In addition, after his undergraduate studies, Zihan participated in a research project about the shear performance of microscale BGA structure Cu solder joints under electro-thermo-mechanical coupled loads at Guilin University of Electronic Science and Technology.

In October 2023, Zihan joined TU Delft as a PhD candidate in the Electronics Components Technology and Materials (ECTM) group in the Department of Microelectronics. He is currently working on the project ‘MIRELAI’, which combines digital twin technology with microelectronic reliability.

A word from Zihan

“I am passionate about how AI models can solve traditional engineering problems from a different perspective and inspire engineers.”

Zihan Zhang – DC5