Advancing Microelectronics: MIRELAI Project’s Second Annual Meeting in Leoben

The MIRELAI consortium is preparing for project’s second annual meeting, set to take place in Leoben, Austria, from June 17th to 20th. Organised by the Polymer Competence Centre Leoben in collaboration with accelopment, this event will gather all project partners and Doctoral Candidates (DCs) for a series of enriching activities and learning opportunities.

The event will kick off with a workshop on project management basics within the context of Horizon Europe projects, hosted by our associated partner accelopment. Futher, each FC will present updates and insights into their scientific research and breakthroughs within the MIRELAI project.

The meeting will also feature several scientific lectures, including Stefano Mariani from POLIMI on uncertainty quantification at the microscale and MEMS reliability, Gernot Oreski from PCCL on the physics of degradation for polymers, Peter Fuchs from PCCL on the modeling of polymers in microelectronics, and Elke Kraker from MCL on non-organic materials in microelectronics.

Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to tour the facilities of our industrial partners ams OSRAM and AT&S, gaining firsthand insight into cutting-edge technologies. Finally, social activities, including a paddling tour on the Mur, will provide an informal platform for DCs to interact, fostering collaboration and teamwork.

The second annual meeting of MIRELAI promises to be a significant milestone in our journey. As Europe strives to lead in sustainable and reliable microelectronics through innovative applications of artificial intelligence, this meeting demonstrates our ongoing commitment.