MIRELAI launches its first newsletter

We are thrilled to launch the first edition of our MIRELAI Newsletter, a special series designed to keep you informed about the work and collaborative efforts happening within the MIRELAI network. Our mission is to elevate the standards of microelectronics reliability through the innovative use of artificial intelligence, physics-based modelling, and multi-scale simulation techniques.

In this edition, we kick off with an insightful introduction to MIRELAI Here we eloquently discuss the critical need for advancements in microelectronics reliability, fuelled by both the demands of modern technology and the potential of AI integration.

Following this introduction, we highlight This newsletter organizing will dive into all the workshops. These workshops focus on microelectronics reliability, machine learning applications, and science communication, enhancing the training and development of doctoral candidates. Musadiq’s dedication to these initiatives underscores the importance of collaborative learning and practical application in advancing microelectronics reliability.

Further, we feature insights into the enhancement of defect detection in power modules using AI-integrated lock-in thermography. Her findings, crucial for industrial applications, are showcased in this newsletter. Here we also presented the contribution of AI-driven research on optimising microelectronic package substrates. The collaboration with industry partners showcased here underlines the practical impact of AI in microelectronics.

Insights on working on probe card reliability using AI and machine learning models. This research, featured in this edition, focuses on employing advanced AI techniques to enhance design and testing processes, significantly cutting down on development time and costs.

Interested? Read the full newsletter here or click on the image!